McComas Operations

Greg McComas
13x12 double decked

The MCIS St. Clair Subdivision is a 13'x12' Double Decked HO scale layout. As one of the primary corridors on this Class II regional system, the "Clair" sees a variety of daily freights including manifest, local, unit and CN overhead trains moving commodities common to the Upper Midwest Region. Utilizing two stating yards and a 3.5 turn helix, the layout hosts a lot of railroading that will keep crews busy "turning the boards."

1 Yardmaster (RCO Operator), 2 Road Engineers and 1 Dispatcher.

Trains average 2-3 motors with 13 cars that are dispatched using a combination DTC block card / verbal authority from the dispatcher located just outside the train room. Keeping with modern regional practices, operators will have the opportunity to handle around 150 car movements using a variety of 2nd generation, rebuild and modern day horsepower of which 80% are sound equipped.

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