Mumper Operations

Fox River Branch
Eric Mumper

Based on the CB&Q Fox River branch from the Eola yard (staging) in Aurora, Illinois to Streator, Illinois. The layout is set in October of 1954 and is based on prototypical operations. The other railroads that the CB&Q crosses are active and modeled including the CRI&P, Wabash, GM&O, Illinois Midland, and ATSF. Silica Sand is the primary commodity and reason for the railroads existence. Two large glass factories and a large fertilizer factory keep traffic moving along with the usual granger road commodities of corn/soybeans/coal/oil/lumber. This layout is all switching.

6, Ottawa Q Yard Engineer, Fox River Conductor/Engineer, Streator Q Yardmaster/Engineer and Wabash/GM&O Engineer

This layout is all switching. Car forwarding with Car Cards. Motive control with EasyDCC.

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