Owner Layout Name Scale City
Chris Atkins Sheridan and Everywhere West HO Argyle
Dean Ferris Oregon Joint Line N Decatur
Jerry Hoverson The Rocky Mountain Central And the Colorado Pacific HO and HOn3 McKinney
Lloyd Keyser Chicago and North Western Iowa Division HO Dallas
Greg McComas Michigan Interstate Railroad HO Keller
Brady McGuire Pennsylvania Railroad O Sherman
Olaf Melhouse Dakota Northern N Ft. Worth
Eric Mumper Fox River Branch HO Plano
Don Murphey St. Louis, Atlantic & Pacific HO Southlake
Jim Norwood Kansas City Southern HO N Richland Hills
Leo and Lorrie Palitti Black Bear & Bayou HO
James Peterson Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railway, Dallas District. HO Coppell
Frank Treadaway Santa Fe - Waynoka Division HO Willow Park
Tommy White Spur Lines Express HO Terrell

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