Mackey Operations

Texas & St Louis
Mike Mackey
Haltom City, TX
15' x 19'

As a former SSW brakeman/switchman, I wanted to model my former road. But when a narrow gauge layout needed a new home because its owner had developed Alzheimer’s, thanks to Cathy Whitten, his daughter, I became the benefactor of R.E. Whitten’s unfinished HOn3 8’x13’ layout. With the help of many friends, I have been able to expand and incorporate some HO standard gauge operations into the narrow gauge layout (Fun Fact: Did you know that the St. Louis Southwestern was the second longest narrow gauge railroad in the U.S.? Second only to the D&RGW). With a little bit of revisionist history, the USRA would not allow the SSW to abandon its narrow gauge trackage. That ruling held through the ’50s and into the ’60s, so you will find both steam and early diesel power on the T&SL.

3 Yardmasters, 2-3 Mainline Engineers (Passenger Trains, Locals, Goose, Specials, Etc.), Dispatcher

DCC by EasyDCC, Timetable and Train Order, OS Dispatcher as required

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