Layout Name: Dakota Northern

City: Ft. Worth

Scale: N

Size: 12' x 13.5'

Jobs: 4, Two crews of an Engineer and Conductor each

Car Forwarding: Switch lists

Operations: Walk-around MRC Prodigy Advanced 2 DCC throttles and printed train orders and switch lists are used to operate the trains. Two mainline freights deliver cars to Devils Lake and Lakota Yard for the Devils Lake switch, the Warwick Local and the Valley Turn. Devils Lake has a local switch job and Lakota Yard has a switch job to makeup the locals and switch the industries there. We also run a Soo Line freight that interchanges cars with the Dakota Northern and delivers coal for the power plant at Devils Lake. In addition to this we run a loaded unit grain train and an empty unit grain train when time permits.


The Dakota Northern is a Burlington Northern subsidiary inspired by the Great Northern line between Grand Forks and Minot, North Dakota. Focus of the layout is Devil’s Lake, North Dakota. In addition to the BN, The Soo Line also has operating rights in the area. Local switchers contend with heavy movements of agricultural traffic on the main line, particularly grain moving to Duluth and the Twin Cities. Era is 1975. Built for operation, the Dakota Northern is 12 x 13.5 feet. Scratch built structures are a favorite part of the hobby to Olaf and many structures in and around his hometown of Devil’s Lake are represented.

12' x 13.5' with an 2' x 8' extension

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