Layout Name: Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railway, Dallas District

City: Coppell

Scale: HO

Size: 25' x 38'

Jobs: 9 Operators: Stage Manager, Yardmaster, 2 Yard Switchmen and 5 Road Operators in 1 or 2 man crews.

Car Forwarding: Car cards and Waybills

Operations: All switches along main tracks and CTC controlled sidings are powered by slow motion switch motors such as Tortoise or Switch Master, as are yard and spur switches located in hard to reach areas. Industrial spur switches near the aisle are manually controlled. NCE radio cabs control the GCSF through an NCE DCC command station and several CVP Products boosters with Zone Master circuit breakers.


The HO scale Gulf Lines is a model of the Santa Fe Railroad in Dallas in 1960. Actual Santa Fe plans are being used faithfully to depict the railroad and all its track work from mile post 44 in Oak Cliff, through East Dallas Yard, to mile post 53.4 near the Texas State Fair Grounds. Selective compression will reduce this mainline to approximately 250 feet or four scale miles.

Wide aisles, a comfortable crew lounge, and three large staging yards representing Cleburne, Gainesville, and Dallas Union Terminal will make it possible to host operating sessions for twelve or more guests. All main line track work and most sidings and spurs are complete from the Cleburne staging yard through East Dallas Yard. Operations on the first portion of the railroad began in February, 2011.

25' x 38' main room, plus hallway and staging room for a total of 1300 sq. ft.

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