Layout Name: Chinook Southern ( HO) / Poudre Valley (HOn3)

City: McKinney

Scale: HO

Size: 14' x 21'

Jobs: 2-3 engineers, possibly a yard master

Car Forwarding: Shipit waybills, no car cards

Operations: NCE :2 wireless throttles, 2-3 wired throttles. All switches hand-thrown using Caboose Hobbies throws.


Freelance, located in southwestern Colorado. Double deck with Chinook Southern running point to point thru both decks, from Chinook yard to Frustration Flats yard,; Poudre Valley running point to point from Frustration Flats to Fairplay. Steam era with mostly wooden 36 and 40 foot cars. Mountainous scenery.

Layout is complete; fine tuning and detailing continues.

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