Layout Name: Sierra Lines

City: Celina

Scale: HO

Size: 20' X 40'

Jobs: Yardmaster and 5 district operators.

Car Forwarding: Car Cards and Waybills

Operations: For businesses in Sacramento, Dr. Arthur Smith, owner of the Sierra Lines, has divided the town into 6 switching districts, with responsibilities in each area as follows:
Downtown – SP – 18 businesses – serviced daily by 22 car train
Old Town – WP – 16 businesses – serviced daily by 22 car train
Industrial Park – SC – 11 businesses – serviced daily by 14 car train
North Sacramento – LSI – 15 businesses – serviced daily by 20 car train
Yard and Docks – Sierra Lines Management – 11 businesses, 9 yard tracks with 200 cars capacity - serviced daily by 12 car train
East Sacramento – SP – 13 businesses – serviced daily by 18 car train and nightly by 9 car train


The Sierra Lines is an amalgamation of the Sierra Division of the Southern Pacific Lines (SP), the Virginia and Truckee River Railroad (V&T), and the Lodestone, Sierra, and Incline Village Railroad (LSI), the Western Pacific Railroad (WP), and the Sierra Central Railroad (SC), all put together and operated under the auspices of the infamous Dr. Arthur Smith, as you all know. The Texas version of The Sierra Lines all takes place within the city limits of Sacramento, modeled to represent exactly as it would have been on April 1, 1954, given that the long expected “big one” (earthquake) and two eruptions of the Toiyabe volcano had previously occurred. Rebuilding of much infrastructure of parts of the city is still in process, and many areas have no traffic lights, no sewer systems, and no water lines.

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