Layout Name: Michigan Interstate Railroad

City: Keller

Scale: HO

Size: 13' x 12'

Jobs: 1 Yardmaster, 1 Dispatcher, 2-3 Road Operators

Operations: A normal session will see the layout hosting twelve trains per session. Dispatching is governed by (DTC) direct traffic control authority with (ABS) automatic block signal overlay. Capturing the flavor of a modern day regional, the job assignments range from plant switcher to manifest freight using sound equipped 2nd generation and modern power. WiThrottle app is utilized for sessions and highly encouraged to download on your smart phone.


The MCIS St. Clair Subdivision is a 13'x12' double deck shelf style HO scale layout. Representing the eastern end of this modern Michigan regional, the "Clair" sees a variety of daily trains including manifest, local, and unit.  Constructed in 2011 the layout is now 60% sceniced and fully operational. Utilizing two staging yards, a 3.5 turn helix, and on-layout classification yard the layout hosts a lot of railroading in a small space that will keep crews busy around the clock. 

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