Layout Name: Chicago and North Western Iowa Division

City: Dallas

Scale: HO

Size: 15' x 35'

Jobs: 1 Yard Master and 3 road engineers.

Car Forwarding: Car cards and Waybills

Operations: Wireless throttles using Rail Command. Toggle switches for turnouts. Train instructions and Car Cards for car movements.

Four railroads are involved in this operation which involves three interchanges. One operator will run the Crandic Interurban which involves switching Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and the Milw. Road interchange at Wausau. A Wausau yard operator who my also run the M&StL interchange and switching in New Ulm. Belle Plaine will require a yard man to work the set outs and pickups on the main as will as switch the industries. The fourth operator will run the Milw. Road branch out of Wausau to Plymouth which includes a turn with the Northwoods Hiawatha. A New Ulm turn will be run out of Belle Plaine by who ever is available. This session will involve a lot of switching using car cards and will consume approximately 3 hours.


The Chicago and North Western Iowa division in the Belle Plain area is the focus of this 15' x 35' foot railroad. Branch lines of the Milwaukee road and the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City are also represented. Layout is a John Armstrong design heavily modified by adding more towns and switching and was featured in Model Railroad Planning. Many structures are still in the mockup stage. A great deal of recent effort has gone into making the railroad ready for operation. Control is RailCommand with car routing by car cards and waybills. Lloyd is a consummate craftsman well known for his detailed models and articles in the hobby press. He is also a C&NW authority and has authored four Volumes for Morning Sun Books on the Chicago and North Western in color as well as over 30 magazine articles. Jobs include the Cedar Rapids and Iowa city yard and road Engineer; Wausau yard plus Plymouth Patrol; New Ulm turn out of Belle Plaine Engineer; Columbus Engineer out of Belle Plaine; and the Belle Plaine Yardmaster building and breaking down the above trains for main line set out and pickup at Belle Plaine industries.

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