Layout Name: TxNamib

City: Murphy

Scale: N

Size: 20' x 20'

Jobs: Four: 2 road engineers to become the yard switchers and 2 yard switchers to become road engineers.

Car Forwarding: Switch lists (until the camera system takes over)

Operations: NCE DCC, wired; Turnouts controlled with tablets; Access to the main line is acquired with the phonetically correct pronunciation of your next destination! Dispatcher is likely to be in Scotland, so please install Zello (Push to Talk) on your smart phone and bring a headset.


Welcome to another country and also another continent! Namibia is situated between South Africa, Botswana and Angola (touching a bit of Zambia) and the Atlantic ocean to the west. The TransNamib is the semi state railroad company, and we model it in N scale as the TxNamib. All modern equipment, modeling yesterday with only room for the western and northern parts of the railroad from Walvisbaai, the port city; Windhoek, the capital (with continued service to South Africa into staging); and Otavi, Grootfontein and eventually Tsumeb in the north. 9 mm is "narrow" enough and like in any 2nd world country, we use any equipment we can get our hands on that works!

Come have fun in this sparsely populated country, moving rail cars from the ocean to the city or north and all the way back on another day! Scenery is scarce, just like water in Namibia. You are welcome to take photos, but publishing them on the internet is not allowed.



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