Layout Name: Pennsylvania Railroad

City: Sherman

Scale: O

Size: 30' x 40'

Jobs: Four

Car Forwarding: Car cards and Waybills

Operations: The RR is operated by Train Orders with car cards and color coded waybills. A six station phone system allows operators to communicate with the Dispatcher.

Please no food, beverages or smoking in the Depot. Bottled water is OK. Rest room available.


The PRR Laurel Valley Secondary (2 rail O scale, ¼ inch / ft.) represents the 45 miles from Pitcairn Yard in East Pittsburgh to Moss Lake and Bowest Yard at Connellsville, PA in October 1957. This heavy industrial RR has 31 industries in four industrial districts. The PRR Snow Hill branch line serves the town of Laurel Springs and the large 3 track Penna. Coal and Coke Co. mine #42 at Snow Hill. Industrial districts, Moss Lake, Earlton, East Pittsburgh and Post Oak have 63 car spots.

On display: My 20 car military train with 17 flatcars with 28 vehicles, my 18 car reconditioned RBB&B circus train built circa 1960’s, a 3 track icing facility servicing 21 reefer cars and an award winning double track deck truss bridge. Authentic Pennsylvania RR station sign, PRR interlocking tower signs, a Truc-Train trailer logo disc, PRR wood box phone, RR lanterns, prints and stuff.

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