Layout Name: Oregon Joint Line

City: Decatur

Scale: N

Size: 25' x 28'

Jobs: Dispatcher, 2 NP Yard crews, 1 GN Yard crew, 1 O&NE crew, 1 local/helper crew, 3 road crews

Car Forwarding: Tab on car

Operations: The layout is operated with radio controlled with NCE DCC. Car forwarding is currently done with car tabs and dispatching is Track Warrants.


The Oregon Joint Line is a joint NP/GN mainline through the mountains and canyons of eastern Oregon connecting the Pacific Northwest with California. The layout, which is set in 1969 just prior to the BN merger, has plenty of pool power from the connecting California roads (WP, SP, and ATSF). Most heavy trains (freights are typically 22-28 cars long) receive helpers for the shove up the 2.2% grade to the summit at Snowline. A forest products shortline, the "Oregon & Northeastern", switches the Hines Lumber pulp/plywood complex and makes log runs out to Canyon Reload. The major terminal area has three yards (NP, GN, and the O&NE) with plenty of transfer/interchange activity and industrial switching.

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