Layout Name: Midwest Terminal

City: Arlington

Scale: N

Size: 16' x 7.5'

Jobs: 2 Engineers

Operations: DCC and sound, using MRC Prodigy, Hand thrown switches, Manual uncoupling with picks.


The Midwest Terminal is a generic walk in, U shaped switching layout representing an industrial area branch line in a big Midwestern city. (rotating between Chicago, St. Paul, KC or others with different locomotives for each session).

Operations start from DIRTY (Downtown Industrial Rail Transfer Yard) and operators always begin their shifts “just after” the transfer trains from two major railroads have dropped off that day’s cuts of cars. One operator will classify in the yard and switch adjacent industries, including grain elevators, concrete plant, gravel pit and steel mill, while the other takes cars for various industries along the branch, including brewery, pipe manufacturer, cold storage, logistics center, newsprint supplier, Ethanol Terminal, Propane distributor, lumber, rail/truck transfer tracks and others. The branch operations are usually split into 3 distinct runs.

One side of the layout is the 7 track yard, and the other is loosely based on the track patterns of the famous N scale Kingsbury Branch by Bill Denton, adapted to Atlas Code 55 N Scale track.

Hard flooring, 4 foot aisle and layout height of 33-36” makes this a potential “roll around” layout for maximum comfort.

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