Layout Name: Fort Travis & Dayton

City: Richardson

Scale: HO

Size: 11' x 19'

Jobs: Yardmaster, Gum Springs local Engineer and Pine View local Engineer

Car Forwarding: Car cards and Waybills

Operations: EasyDCC


The Fort Travis and Dayton railroad models urban communities with industries that depend on the railroad for transportation. Set in the mid to late 50's, the many industries in Gum Springs and Pine View provide plenty of switching activity. Car cards are used for traffic routing during operating sessions. The operations oriented layout, constructed in an 11' x 19' area, accommodates 3 operators. The railroad is currently converting from steam to diesel motive power so both types of locomotives are active. EasyDCC was installed to provide independent train control. Other recent changes include the addition of sound in many of the locomotives. Construction of the railroad began in 1992 and is basically complete including operating block signals and scenery. Like all model railroads changes and improvements continue to be made.